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As a leader, are you looking for another way to...

build and engage an inclusive team?

explore your team’s profile and potential?

boost your team dynamic and collaboration? 

Everything starts with YOU.


Leadership starts with self-awareness and the greatest things happen when you are aware of your INFINITE POTENTIAL.  


EQ COACHING supports leaders and teams in unlocking their potential by developing self and social awareness. Thanks to Emotional Intelligence (EQ) activation, EQ COACHING makes leaders and teams work together to leverage team dynamic, collaboration, and succeed harmoniously in any transformation or goal they pursue.  

My services

If you take care of your employees,
they will take care of your customers
Richard Branson

Meet Sidonie Aubert

Leadership & Team Coaching

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Activation

I support organizations as leadership and team coach. Based in Dubai since 2008, I benefit from almost 20 years of experience on HR leadership roles in Europe and the Middle East with large multinationals.


Exposed to very different sectors, I led regional HR teams to engage, develop and retain talents. I founded 'EQ COACHING' to support leaders in the shift to an effective people-focus by unlocking leaders and team’s potential through Emotional Intelligence (EQ) activation.

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Amazing team workshop thanks to Sidonie! In a difficult time, it was a very efficient way for us as a team to know ourselves and our colleagues in a very different way and develop further empathy and connections. We realized the potential and talents we have as a team and it did boost our team confidence and optimism greatly. 

- Dorothee M.

Such a positive & impactful team experience! The team was impressed to discover the potential we have once we put Emotional Intelligence into action. We now know we underestimated the power of emotions to reach our business and team objectives. Never too late!

- Frank P.

Sidonie is a great group facilitator. Her passionate approach releases so much positive energy and she managed to create a safe and fun space for all team members to express themselves genuinely on the pain points. Her HR and business partner background was a big asset for her to support us effectively!

- Julie C.

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