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As a leader are you looking for another way to... 

build and engage an inclusive team?

explore your team's profile and potential?

boost your team's dynamic and collaboration?

Everything starts with YOU.


Leadership starts with self-awareness and the greatest things happen when you are aware of your INFINITE POTENTIAL.  


EQ COACHING supports leaders and teams in unlocking their potential by developing self and social awareness thanks to Emotional Intelligence (EQ) activation,

EQ COACHING makes leaders and teams work together harmoniously and purposefully for positive change and growth.


My services for leaders

Build a conscious & purposeful leadership to increase your influence and leadership impact

My team dynamic workshops

Embark with your team on the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and team dynamic journey 

This is where we start!

Discover your brain profiles to complement each other and unlock

the team's full potential 

Leverage your
team's profiles

Fuel your leadership

Bring emotions into the change management equation to support  your team on an on-going transformation

Navigate through change

My learning sessions

Explore how Emotional Intelligence can support your teams on a specific

work challenge or company objective (interactive on-line sessions)

If you take care of your employees,
they will take care of your customers
Richard Branson

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