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Meet Sidonie Aubert

I am the founder of EQ Coaching and a team dynamics enthusiast and HR expert. I hold master’s degrees in ‘People & Organization Management’ and ‘Comparative Labour Law’, as well as certifications in Learning Agilities assessment and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) activation. I speak French, English, Italian and Spanish fluently.  


I benefit from almost 20 years of experience holding HR leadership roles in Europe and Middle East in big multinational companies. In very different sectors (automotive, environment and luxury), I led regional HR teams to engage and develop talents. Based in Dubai since 2008, I very much enjoy the great diversity & dynamism of the extended Middle Eastern region. Capitalizing on my HR Director and own leadership experience, I founded 'EQ coaching' to support leaders in the shift to an effective people-focus, promoting and leveraging team collaboration through Emotional Intelligence (EQ).  


Beyond my coaching activities, I am also involved in a mentoring program for women’s empowerment.  Outside work, when I am not with my family, I take musical and acting classes and teach Hatha Yoga to support individuals reconnect with their body & mind to ultimately find inner peace. 

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My story

I am a collective intelligence believer and a team dynamics enthusiast. I discovered my flow* at a very young age through a burning passion and a natural ability to animate and engage groups of people. Both in my personal and professional life, positively influencing a team dynamic & federating the energies toward a common goal has been my biggest source of satisfaction. Indeed, while some of us recharge thanks to ‘me-time’ alone, I revitalize and energize while engaging a team.  


In 2020, after almost 20 years working for multinational companies, my HR journey took a new turn thanks to an Emotional Intelligence (EQ) activation training. I connected the dots and decided to reunite my passion for team engagement with my people purpose and business partner background: Activate & leverage Emotional Intelligence through leadership coaching & team dynamic workshops for team growth. As we say in French ‘Tout vient a qui sait attendre’ (‘Good things come to those who wait’). 

* Flow (in positive psychology): Optimal state of mind where you feel at your best and perform your best. Have you ever been so immersed and so focused that you lost sense of time and felt one with the activity? Then you probably experienced flow!







My approach

My approach is guided by a clear ‘people-purpose' and a strong will to add value. Creating ‘EQ coaching’, I found a genuine and effective way to contribute to leadership and team growth promoting collaboration, empowerment and engagement within organizations. Collaboration isn’t only a skill I develop with teams but also a value I aim to cultivate with my clients and business partners thanks to trust & openness

I rely on my HR Director’s exposure to understand the business context & objectives, the company culture as well as the complexity of the organization and the stakeholder’s management involved. I also take advantage of my own leadership and team management experience to capture the leadership style & the pain points involved for each stakeholder. But I don’t practice Emotional Intelligence activation for the sake of it; The objective is to guide leaders and teams to put it into action to succeed more intentionally in the objective they pursue. My approach is therefore practical and result oriented.

My positioning adapts to the organization’s needs and can go from facilitation to coaching, as well as mentoring and HR consultancy. In all cases, the aim is to be an agile partner to enable you and your team to consciously make choices on how to progress to be more purposeful and successful.

I started my career in the automotive industry which helped me to build a straightforward but respectful approach of giving honest feedback. Feedback is not easy at all; to give or to receive. But you always risk more, if you shy away from it. Developing a constructive feedback culture and handling difficult conversations is a key leadership topic I am always keen to support my clients with. 

My style is enthusiastic & fun. I am convinced we can address serious topics without taking ourselves too seriously. It doesn’t mean you lack consideration for yourself, for others or the topic addressed. When you loosen up on yourself, you open up space for play, exploration and change.

My EQ input is supported by scientific tools provided by ‘SixSeconds’, the only global non-profit organization focused on promoting emotional intelligence (EQ) worldwide. Founded in 1997 in the USA, the organization delivers certifications & provides tools created thanks to the latest neuroscience research & relies on the biggest international EQ network to put EQ into practice. 

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