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Power of Emotions:

In 2022, we had the chance to have Sidonie delivering a highly

impactful EQ coaching awareness session to our leaders in the UAE.

I want to thank Sidonie for her professionalism, insight and passion. Her approach to the topic made the session highly engaging and helped the team understand the importance of EQ and how to use it effectively to create a successful and harmonious organisational culture.

I am sure it will have a lasting impact on our collective leadership behaviours. I would not hesitate to recommend Sidonie's services.

Mounir Taleb 

Vice President Middle East & Africa

Emerson Automation Solutions

Executive coaching:

Our coaching sessions were career-changing and personal-life

changing! I grew so much in skills that were almost inexistent

in my vocabulary, such as emotional literacy and emotional

agility. Sidonie guided me to build bridges with my peers,

colleagues, and family members.


I highly recommend her

services. She will help you setting goals, identifying what’s

holding you back and learning to move past fear. Amazing experience that will take you out of your comfort zone.

Cristina Ramos

Finance Director

Multilem Middle East

Hybrid Workshop

Power of Emotions

+ Our brain preferences:

I would like to express my appreciation for the outstanding EQ workshop that Sidonie conducted for our leadership team. Her expertise combined with an engaging presentation style left a lasting impact on the participants, including myself! The workshop provided practical tools and techniques that can be easily applied in our professional and personal lives. The lessons learned are invaluable and we will continue to apply them to enhance our effectiveness as a team.

It is without hesitation that I would highly recommend Sidonie’s workshop to other organizations seeking to enhance their emotional intelligence capabilities!

Agnes Lopez Cruz
Managing Director
CCI France UAE

Client's feedbacks


Our brain preferences:

In addition to having the great pleasure to work with Sidonie, we

appreciated a lot the co-building process for creating a customized

& singular workshop for our team.


Bringing together emotional

intelligence into our fast paced business environnement reminded

everyone the importance of empathy, collaboration & inclusiveness spirit to thrive!

Caroline Dumont-Frotiee
General Manager
Cartier UAE

Hybrid Workshop

Power of Emotions

+ Our brain preferences:

My team and I had the fortune of doing an EQ workshop with Sidonie and while it happened months ago we still talk about it, the impact it had on us and how we communicate. One of the many learnings that stood out was how our natural 'team brain' works and how we can best complement each other. It was very insightful, honest and entertaining.


I think Sidonie's workshops are great even if you already are a high performing team because they will help you take the team to the next level.

Sibylle Pomella
General Manager & Sales Director Middle East & Africa 

Euromonitor International

Hybrid Workshops

Power of Emotions

+ Growing purpose:

I have had the opportunity to work with Sidonie on three EQ Workshops. On each occasion she brought a fresh perspective to the subject and the teams were highly engaged. I enjoyed the structure and also the energy and experience that Sidonie has. Like a lot of people, I understand the importance of EQ in the organization but it's not always easy to define it into a direct business impact. Figuring out how to apply it practically is a challenge. Sidonie's workshops allow this to happen and in a fun and insightful way. Over the three workshops I could see patterns emerging in terms of the outcomes and this was really impactful.

Joe Hoare
Vice President Middle East & Africa

Emerson Automation Solutions 

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